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Thank You Guys For An Awesome Year+


Its Not more than a few hours that I got all the paper works signed just about to leave my current employer for a Startup based out on Bangalore. The guys from my current company asked me to talk a few words before I leave which I couldn’t because I don’t know, I’ve got nothing […]

Twitter API Integration with PHP

Twitter API v1.1 Integration

Twitter API is one of the best API Services that I have used and it is as simple as it should be with the open source libraries that are available on the internet for any language, you name it. This post will guide you to a simple twitter API Integration to your website in PHP. […]

How to Set Up a Cron Job with Twitter API


Twitter is one of the places where the news is leaked as and once it happens. You don’t have to look into any big news sites and search for the news whereas you can look on your stream with a niche pile of followers  or the simple way is to click at the Discover button at the […]

How I Got My Google Adsense Approved


Getting approved with Google Adsense is something that every blogger want it but doesn’t happen all the time. When I said every blogger I meant someone who starts a blog with the intention to earn a little bit of money from it. Like I said, not every blogger gets the chance to get paid through Adsense. […]

6 Reasons To Choose Godaddy Hosting


Hosting on your own space with your own favorite CMS in my case WordPress, sounds really awesome for guys like me who are used to blog at blogger. Finally,!!! Got my domain from Godaddy and hosted on Godaddy – Ultimate plan itself. I have always wanted to get a domain name and host on my […]

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