6 Reasons To Choose Godaddy Hosting

Hosting on your own space with your own favorite CMS in my case WordPress, sounds really awesome for guys like me who are used to blog at blogger. Finally,!!! Got my domain from Godaddy and hosted on Godaddy – Ultimate plan itself. I have always wanted to get a domain name and host on my own space right since I found myself attracted to blogging, and I have been blogging with the blogger platform and this year 2014 had made me do it right at the start of it. I finally got my own domain and hosting space form Godaddy since I believed this might be the one for me.

I was searching for a cheap hosting provider because I don’t want my money to be wasted before I learn what’s going on around me in the field of blogging.

Finally, I have chosen Godaddy only because of its low cost and its name on the business, since I just wanted to give it a try which I think is going good so far.

I have been reading so many reviews on Godaddy hosting so far, and it has been a 60-40 situation that you won’t like it for 60% and it turns out good for the remaining 40%. To me I have to go with the 40% people around the world who feel it is okay to host.Their customer support is good really that they reply as soon as within 24 hours if you’re intending to contact via mail or wait 4-10 minutes to get connected via phone call.

Just out of curiosity I was thinking to write up a post about my hosting plan and why I chose Godaddy.

Here are some of the things that I needed the hosting account should satisfy for myself.

Low Cost:

This used to be my first search on all the hosting plans. I have ideas of hosting multiple websites and I really wanted it to be cheap and has to have a name at the market at the same time. Obviously, the one provider that came up to my mind is Godaddy. It is more cheaper than other hosting providers. If you’re searching for something cheap to try out for a year and see how it goes, I would recommend Godaddy for you.

Coupons Availability:

As you know, the most number of coupons available from time to time for any service provider is Godaddy which is something you can vouch for. Everyone wants to hosts their website for cheap but effective at the same time. Coupons are really good on Godaddy which you mostly work for one year plans. You’d also get renewal coupons for hosting as well as domain names.

Here are some of the sites that I use to search for coupons.

Retailmenot, Fatwallet, Coupons etc.,

Note that you don’t get renewal coupons as much as you get for the first year purchase coupons and other offers.

Reliability :

We all know it is reliable in the business of domain names. The customization is good for the hosting plans which I have chosen the ultimate plan intending to host multiple websites with some big data with low cost. They set it up for you like all the other hosting providers along with the SEO tools as well. It is well maintained and you can use to for your small businesses and rest at home which makes it reliable.

I was searching for something that wouldn’t crash all the time and make me do all the manual work behind for it to run. Simply, I was searching for something that I can count on at times that I can’t be working behind it.

They also provide many add on tools for SEO, Google Maps, Jetpack Plugins, Google Adwords and many more free tools along with the installation.

Big Name in the Business:

The next thing on my list of qualities is the name in the business. Of course, you root for the big fish in the pond. Just like everyone else, I myself wanted my host provider to be cheap with a good name in the crowd. Obiviously, the one name that hit my mind is Godaddy. And I also found that it is a lot cheaper than other hosting providers, I got the idea of trying it out.

I agree that there are many other names in this business, but I had to go with it since it satisfies my above two needs.

Good Customer Support:

This is one of the things which everyone would want to have for their business. I have been reading some blogs that say, Godaddy’s customer support seems unlikely poor.

When I hosted some two websites in my provider, I had some doubts which I wanted to rectify it from Godaddy itself. I contacted them via mail and it is said you’ll get reply within 24 hours and I got the reply mail within time mentioned. I would like to believe that their customer support is working more better than before now.

They have a forum where you can get what you search or post a question which will sure get a reply along with the FAQs about hosting, domain, emails and more.

All in One Big Pot:

Finally, I searched for something where I can put it all in one big pot. I don’t want to switch from provider to provider for domain names and hosting. I can get it all at the same provider Godaddy where I bought my domain names cheap. I can see everything going through all at my same account probably something that boosts my laziness.


I agree that there might be drawbacks but there’s nothing perfect with other hosting providers too.

This post is not at all a review on Godaddy. May be I’ll write a review on Godaddy once I complete a year doing business with it.

This post is completely about my opinion about Godaddy and how it is suited me with all my needs. I am planning to try it out for a year and if it turns out good chances are to renew it after a year else will shift to some other hosting provider.

If you’re a small business which you’re trying out to make something big out on the internet, I would really recommend you to use Godaddy to try it out for a year and if you like it you can extend your plan for other more years to come.

Photo Credit : Flickr