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Thank You Guys For An Awesome Year+

Its Not more than a few hours that I got all the paper works signed just about to leave my current employer for a Startup based out on Bangalore.

The guys from my current company asked me to talk a few words before I leave which I couldn’t because I don’t know, I’ve got nothing to say ., may be because I’ve not thought about it or may be that I’ve not practiced a good speech afterall about this day or may be I take things granted.

Well, when I got back home and thinking for a few minutes, I realized that I’ve got something to say actually. And Now I’d not stand a chance yet. I wouldn’t know if I get to talk to them face to face., Later, I convinced myself that its not a biggie, I’d whatsapp them what I felt. For some reasons at the backend, that’s not sufficient. 🙂


And  thence I knew that I wanted/had to write up this post to tell them how I felt and what its like to be @vanilla.


Life @vanilla


I m not sure I should be roughing about it coz, its actually good. I get to work exactly 8 hours (not more not less which is the best part) .

And the guys there,I’m sure anyone’d get along pretty much quickly. I never got any issues on the terms that I worked.  Still I wanted more to be a guy who wanted to learn, explore more.

My days @vanilla has been very good with the fact that I stayed more hours with the machines than with the people there., I wished I’d known them a bit more. Well, anyway there’s nothing to regret.

I’ve learnt a lot of things on my stay with the company which will sure add some value to me in terms of work as well as me as a human being. There’s more me . (Yeah., a bit selfish ;), but hey, who isn’t ? )

Rest Apart, I’ve made some awesome friends/buddies that I get to discuss any matter  with or get any advice for reality.(Yeah, You). I atmost made some friends that I think may take the rest to the next level, who knows, may be to build a start up with them. Yeah., I’ve some ideas, hoping for vision. And that’s what I am after now with joining a startup.

There are some awesome advices that I got from some people in there and I really appreciate their effort and took time to advice me.

And to add the toppings, I would say things got pretty awesome in atmost everything (work, knowledge, people, clients, you name it.)

On an awesome scale, I’d rank 8/10 for them.

Yeah., I learnt some pretty good Malayalam too. 😛


Thank Note


So here we go,


Thank you guys for an awesome year+ @vanilla. Its been a great life-learning experience and bla bla bla.,

Oh wait., let’s cut the official thanksgiving … ,

I really loved working there with you all. Needless to say , you might’ve seen me sticking my head inside the computer. 😛

Honestly, I learned a lot and that’s one thing. I’m different than a year back.

I had to get a job change sooner or later with my goals pretty much set to some extent.

And so thank you all for having me there and I wish you all get everything that you wanted in life.

And Thank you guys for an awesome gift.

Thank You, don’t thank me.. 😉

P.S. : I put some weight too.. 😛

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