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Getting approved with Google Adsense is something that every blogger want it but doesn’t happen all the time. When I said every blogger I meant someone who starts a blog with the intention to earn a little bit of money from it. Like I said, not every blogger gets the chance to get paid through Adsense. You have to fight for it. 😀

Actually, I know nothing about blogging, adsense and ever since I started my blog Techlanes, I wanted to apply for adsense and read so many posts about how to get adsense sooner and those things.

I knew it the first hand that I won’t get approved for Google Adsense with just 10 posts in hand. Even though I applied for it and with no surprise I got rejected the first time. Earlier I had the name and I convinced myself that it is may be because I had less content as well as not all the blogspot blogs get adsense soon. 😀

Later adding some content to my blog, I just applied for Google Adsense again. Still my application got rejected again with the same reply that my blog contains insufficient content. By then, I could have stopped applying and tried to know what is actually the reason behind my rejection. Yet, I applied again and again like 3 times in a row just adding one post each time.

After some 4 rejected applications, I had something going on my mind that I could wait for some time and get a domain name registered and apply for it. I waited for a month to go by (still I added posts to my blog like always), and then bought the domain name ( and then applied it as soon as I bought and integrated it to my blogger.

The only difference is that I couldn’t apply it with my old gmail id because there’s not any option to cancel the application and then send a new one again as far as I could search. So, that made me create a new gmail account only for applying adsense and I applied for it.

Different Approach:

This time, my application just got upgraded to the next level. My Adsense Application just passed its first review which is the most crucial part of any adsense application. I was happy and I figured out that I would get it for sure this time. I have been having contacts with some of my friends who informed me that it would take a week for the second review. And I got the option to create and insert the ad code to my blog. Also I were able to access the Adsense Dashboard.

google Adsense

I created a ad code and then integrated the code to my blog. After a week later, I got a mail to my new gmail account (the one I created just for adsense) that said, My blog doesn’t apply Google Ads Policies.

google adsense-mail

One Last Time:

Quickly after my adsense application rejection, I was reading more blogs and more posts in Google Groups about adsense rejections and approvals. I then had an idea to recheck my blog for any errors or any google policy violations.

Later on, I drafted 3 of my old posts that are not of that quality and which I had a doubt that it might be the reason. I applied for adsense again which is the 7th time.

The reply was the same that my blog is on the second review and this time I had no belief that I will get it approved since I haven’t made any changes except for drafting some old posts.


Finally, I saw ads are appearing on my blog some 3 days later and then logged into my adsense account to see what’s happening over there. 😀

The red notification bar has gone and it’s been said that I have got approved Adsense.

Just Some Tips:

This post is about what happened with my adsense approval. I can’t assure that this will happen in your case too. Still you might get an idea reading this.

As far my experience in applying adsense, try to write some quality posts all the way to apply before Adsense.

People also say that your blog should contain more than 10 articles to get approved on adsense. I have to agree with that saying and there is a less percentage of blogs that doesn’t apply the above and get adsense approved easily.

They also say that you’ll get adsense approved only if your niche is specific and less written on other blogs.

But actually, it is not the thing. There are many hundreds and thousands of blogs that might write on your niche. Still, If you’ve the content that is unique and not copied from other blogs and websites as well as legit, you’ll sure get past the adsense barrier as well as you can claim for your own copyrighted content.

I have another piece of advice that if your adsense application is rejected again and again for 3 or more times, try to work on what is mentioned in your disapproval mail and then apply from a new email as like you’re applying for the first time. There is a chance of getting approved just like my case. 😉

You can ask questions and get suggestions from this Google Adsense Group and I am sure you’ll get your queries replied by any adsense pros or sometimes even google guys themselves.

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