Famous for knives (and his love of using them) Basta is never seen without one. Also he was Capricorn's ex fire-wielder. Violante, the Adderhead's daughter rescues him and brings him to the castle by the lake, where she used to live, because she wants the Bluejay to kill the Adderhead by writing the three words in the White Book in exchange for the children. Funke moved to Los Angeles, California in May 2005 after she had accepted the offer to participate as the film's producer alongside Barry Mendel. Enter a mysterious scarred man called Dustfinger. He pledges to be a different man when he returns. Farid is later killed by Basta, one of Capricorn's old followers, who is then killed by Mo. Basta was very loyal towards Capricorn and would do anything for him. Resa is back, but she has become mute. Mortimer Folchart Modify the text. And he’ll do nearly anything to bring his wife back into the real world. Edit Relationships Edit Capricorn Edit Roxane Edit. According to the author, the term "revenge" refers to Orpheus longing for retribution by seeking help from an evil witch. Mostly set in Northern Italy and the parallel world of the fictional Inkheart book, the central story arc concerns the magic of books, their characters and creatures, and the art of reading. But Mo is returned to the world of the living along with Dustfinger, and the two hatch a plan. Once told by a girl that he had bad breath, he chews constantly on peppermint leaves. Mo "The Bluejay" turns himself in to the Piper as his prisoner in exchange for the children, who are hidden by the Black Prince and his men in a cave. His past is a mystery, but he is said to have a fear of fire because of an accident that burned both of his arms. The world is a dark and cruel place, at least the part of it that I know! Basta is the one who gave Dustfinger the three scars on his face, as retribution for Dustfinger not giving Basta, his wife, a woman named Roxane. Meanwhile, the Adderhead's bodyguard, Thumbling, steals all of the Adderheads possessions and takes off. We have no good luck lying around.”. In the meanwhile, Farid and Dustfinger have snuck into the castle using soot that causes invisibility, created by a combination of fire and water. She is beautiful, kind and knows how to read. As Capricorn's ex fire-raiser he should have also been skilled in controlling fire, if it weren't for his accident and extreme fear of the flames. Directed by Iain Softley. A Review On Inkheart: by : Madeline S: A Topic for the Fourth Book of the Inkworld: by : Audrey K: About Dustfinger: by : Kathryn A: All About Inkheart: by : jaynia H: Basta: by : Justin F: Basta is Brainwashed: by : Maddie&Danielle N: Basta vs. Dustfinger: When will the fighting end? Kira must find a healer for her injuries, and her only companion is a snarky young dragon that she meets in the forest. Inkheart is based on a best-selling German children’s novel (written by Cornelia Funke) that’s become so popular it’s been translated into 37 languages.