She now feels she's functionally literate, & thanked the club for her wonderful year. Several thousand of these beautiful creatures form each of many clusters at dusk, to keep warm. They spoke about a new development being built across the road and the need for real estate acquisition over time as properties become available as well as the parking challenges that will need to be addressed going forward. On average they covered between 12-20km per day, and arrived in Port Renfrew after nearly a week. Following a short teaching career, she returned to Vernon & worked as a notary assistant. Grazing has been re-established in the Park and the grassland eco-system has come back, providing strong evidence that the survival of the grasslands requires grazers. OC is looking to raise an additional $1m, for a combination of equipment, fixtures, and scholarships for needy students. Brian distinguished between climate change adaptation & mitigation. Members approved Ken Barton, Givonna De Bruin, Dr Craig Goplen, Don Miller & Martin von Holst as the other Senators for the remainder of our current Rotary year. Meillac, a small village in the Ferrier commune, in the northeast, next to the Dominican Republic border, will be supported by our District 5060, led by the Rotary Club of Wenatchee. Bev Rundell introduced Holly Vanjoff and Jennifer Glen from Interior Health Overdose Prevention to speak about the overdose crises in BC and their rolls in prevention and education. This year is the 30th anniversary of the opening of Upper Room Mission, and is now under the direction of Jake Spoor. She hopes to train as an architect, & enjoys photography, art, music & math. Low skills in literacy, numeracy & social interactions limit FASD sufferers from leading functional lives. Kirbey Lockhart receives his Paul Harris Fellow award from President Keith Johnston. Bev was last heard whining about a sore arm, but we think she'll get over it soon, & make a good President, after a bit of training ! He’s appreciative of the knowledge offered by our four experienced councilors, & capable staff. He also made suggestions about adding cocktail hour satellite club events to attract younger members, changing our meeting formats, etc. Our local banders are working under the supervision of a Victoria, BC biologist, and receive financial support, for equipment, etc., from our North Okanagan Naturalists Club. Sam is a 19 year old student who has just completed his second year of medical biochemistry at UBCO in Kelowna. (Photo by Keith Johnston), Jim Swingle & Gene Bryant from the Okanagan Science Centre spoke about the new exhibit being installed. They have an active coaching & racing program, & participate in group paddles & races both in & outside BC. Through the DiSC. Teen Junction aims to provide a refuge & learning opportunities for youth with minimal support elsewhere. On behalf of the club thank you Anne Marie for your ongoing support of Vernon Silver Star Rotary. Marty and Judy recently took a 13 day cruise from Los Angeles to Miami via the Panama Canal. As a young man he loved to ski but 6 years ago this all ended when he had a bad fall and broke his back leaving him a parapalegic. Sherry is a commercial account manager for Chubb Fire & Security. Bob Clarke described the trip to Prague he & his wife Debbie enjoyed recently. Louise came with some really beautiful pictures of these fascinating tiny creatures, & described how they’re handled, & how tail feathers are key to species identification. He walked out to the highway & found a couple willing to give him a jumpstart, but then his truck wouldn’t switch out of low range. Louise explained Ciney is a small village about an hour southeast of Brussels, in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. Upon returning home to the Vancouver area, he met & soon married Heather. corner of what is now Canada. Obviously he made it, the walking to and from school unchaperoned through areas of no homes and the woods, going to the big library in Kamloops which was enormous compared to the North Kamloops one. Always an engaging speaker, Aaron talked improvements & new programs. Provide a report on what is working well in our city and identify areas for improvement. skills. Wendy Hesketh hosted Matt Davidson, Senior Environmental Scientist with Valhalla Environmental Consulting, Inc. The Vernon group is partnered with those in Kelowna & Penticton, with administrative expenses largely paid by proceeds from two Kelowna area ReStore outlets, offering new & slightly-used home & garden supplies. Can you see the penguins in the background? Fieldstone offers a wide variety of organic whole grains including spelt, buckwheat, oats, hard red spring wheat, golden flax, rye, triticale, barley, and Kamut. It aims to capture 5% of those men as members, & to acquire a suitable meeting place of 3,000 to 4,000 square feet. The ongoing annual costs of operation & maintenance will also need to be considered, as will the timing of financing & construction vis-à-vis our proposed new cultural centre & needed improvements to our water system. This course starts out with the theory of CPR and then moves to applying the techniques on "Annies",  a device which simulates a human torso. Early childhood education is another popular program. Pharmacare was introduced in the early 1970’s, with the publicly-funded income-based “Fair Pharmacare” program beginning in 2003. His long & successful community involvement as both a volunteer & businessman was evident in his capable answers on touchy issues! Seaton was awarded a $1,000 bursary for her studies at Okanagan College. Participants chose from three lengths of routes to the Armstrong area & beyond, then enjoyed a BBQ lunch back at Kin Beach. Neil began working 29 years ago for Vernon’s “Wayside Press,” established by the Bartholomew family in 1921. Geordie McLennan thanks Josh Gibson, of Nobel Biocare, a provider of dental prosthetics, who was invited by our Dr Craig Goplen to explain the latest technologies in replacing a single tooth, or a whole mouthful of teeth. We owe it to future generations to be good stewards of this priceless treasure. Cheryl started with ABNC in February 2020, almost immediately diving into uncharted “Covid-19 territory,” & navigating a multitude of operational restrictions, safety protocols & major revenue reductions. He completed undergraduate & law degrees. SIFE operates in over 40 countries with the involvement of 1,500 college and university campuses and over 42,000 students. Brittney Weatherill and Amanda Dacko visited this morning to talk about "Enactus" - ENTrepreneurship, ACTion and US. 1966 saw the introduction of Carnival jester Jopo & a Sheriff, who was later named a Karnival Kop. 1/3 of the BC red and blue listed species live in the grasslands, so its preservation is very important. She now has her own law firm. Mike showed off his Movember moustache. The needs of those with brain injury are as varied and unique as the people themselves. ), Patty and Guy and Vic. "Project Save-A-Life" Mass CPR Training. Gillian attended a membership session, & met up with friends from previous conferences. Dr Craig Goplen hosted his wife Judie, shown above with Bob Clarke. This will be a long term exhibit for the Okanagan Science Centre and will enhance the various programs offered. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) featured short reports from our President & some Directors, but what really had everyone's attention was the announcement of our President Elect for 2015-16 (President for 2016-17), who will be Martin von Holst, our Past President for 2009-10. UBCO's Dr Sandra L Peacock, an Assistant Professor of Anthropology, updated us on her work helping build the Moivaru School in Arusha, Tanzania, & teaching sustainable farming practices to rural villagers. The complaints are 1 – constipation (drink more water), 2 – aches & pains (move more), 3 – depression (follow interesting or inspiring routines), 4 – loneliness (reach out, be reached, & maybe get a pet), & 5 – memory loss. spoke about the BC Fruit Growers Association and provided an update on the tree fruit industry. Like our last outgoing RYES, Claire Stanhope, Emma is going to Finland, & has begun a dialogue with her first host family. ADG Peter Moore presented an engraved crystal award and a pin to Gwenn and her husband Dan Bourdon.