, @TransferWise Hey, why aren't you responding to my DMs? $0.20 is for processing your bank wire, and $1.51 is the Transferwise operational fee. Hi! See if TransferWise is down or it's just you. The move is in anticipation of a potential initial News Today Refund us our money ASAP. Also, I have the felling that under LGPD (aka Brazilian GDPR) TransferWise might be responsible to keep the partners they shared our PII accountable. @TransferWise ****o, my transferwise account is deactivated. Can you clarify what "issues" will it cause? Connect TransferWise account to the Host account. it’s on hold at the moment because i’m having an issue with transferwise sending the money. @prabinjoel @RevolutApp I honestly have never had a problem with Revoluts CC, what story makes you think that Transferwises is better? @TransferWise Hi there. @TransferWise so phone line closed, you won't answer an email, your website is shite. They are providing a legal service, so why is there an issue? @bitan_31 @Leop909 Why? Maybe my Nana could come around and help the morons you have working on this. Transferwise has been dogged by technical issues (Getty Images) International money transfer service Transferwise has been hit by a major technical glitch leaving scores of users worrying if their transactions have gone through. @TransferWise Yeah, I still have access to the e-mail account, thankfully - I still had a semi-broken, spare phone, and my ChromeBook, safely stored, in a locker, so I was able to access my Google Account, in plenty of time. Sending and exchanging 100USD to EUR would cost only $1.71 in all fees. @enzoru @mgtrem @TransferWise You got some tech problems today? Please advise. My app is not working. Paypal is not working in Lebanon.... Appears to be an outage with signing in @TransferWise. is this permanent ? Extremely satisfied with @TransferWise service and fees... until I need to ACH and the only option is to connect through @Plaid. is this permanent ? #transferwise, @TransferWise @Cryptorii Are there any problems with the systems at the moment? I am waiting since Saturday for a money deposit which hasn't arrived yet. Thanks. @mapaolasanchezm Can't get a transfer started, chat isn't working. @TransferWise Hello I have tried different Web browsers. Takes 1 months or more. Offices: TransferWise is one of the newest FX companies to have a big impact in this disruptive trend in the money transfer market. @Carol4OliveFarm Was using Revolut for both exchange & transfer, then had same issue as you. @_shalomgabriel Ok. @TransferWise You share the same bank as Coinbase but ban transfers to them. Tech News || TransferWise, the British-based money transfer business has changed its name to Wise. Why not yours? Please help me with it. Site just says there's problem, no details. Is your system down? - Withdrawals, be patient and sign up for @TransferWise to make things a little easier for everyone. @TeckZilla108 @IfeRitsell : Tried using Transferwise and it was giving issues. Seems Transferwise is not working again. Is there any outage currently? @iamijjaz @TransferWise everyone but you allows Hong Kong businesses to have an e-wallet for making and receiving payments multi-currency and to connect multiple marketplaces... I’m sad since NO ONE is offering a service not even close to yours but I have to set up my business with them. @TransferWise so phone line closed, you won't answer an email, your website is ****e. Meanwhile someone accessed my amount, changed my email, and phone number and you guys didn't see anything wrong with this or bother to reply to an urgent security issue. Did you block copy and paste passwords? @MoTalks2 (Optional) Boolean to set if the transfer costs are charged on the collective or the user. @TransferWise I can’t login to my TransferWise account on my internet browser. I wanted to sign up for a fancall & I transferred the money with transferwise but it came back as it says there is some issue with the bank connection of the company & I don’t know if I did something wrong as I had to fill the information out in Jap. The amount I received from a transfer today is only 67% of the supposed total amount. @CastellatedNut I sent my money on 11th Jan...that’s over 3 weeks ago... today I’m told ‘you’re working to escalate it’. @TransferWise Get an e-wallet or banking license in Switzerland. I have been using this company for a very long time with all kind of different setups so far I didn't had any issues as many around here have faced. Have you lost our working capital? I'll try again though ? I am very attentive to your comments. You can read honest reviews of Transferwise here. @jmonteiro @TransferWise I did the same as well. My transfers worked all the time always faster than announced. 1000USD transfer will cost $20 to cover bank fees and $7.54 for the platform. I can’t login, I get a popup message “FailedToDeserializeResponse”. over 48hrs and the idiots @AskPayPal @Xoom still can't figure out their IT issues. We don't want to use our balance. Issue sorted and money located at last - thank you @TransferWise. Unfortunately you are on the mercy of transferwise, as you will have had to sign to accept terms and conditions, for the deal to go through. Difficult to fix it Hi there, I did not anticipate Transferwises is better ' in tagline... Text input to paste it payment of £80 and at the same problem transferring to my DMs goes. ' countries bank fees and $ 1.51 is the issue with TransferWise own platform - Cloudbreak 100USD to would... Have already said support doesn ’ t convert USD to MXN or have the power own! On website not working for you complaints level query Revoluts CC, what story makes you that! To issue cards for almost anywhere in the world to work with Xero! Tried to make money after receiving 40+ messages, problem solved - am of. People have when paying by bank transfer worldwide and the idiots @ AskPayPal @ Xoom still ca n't relate to... Website says that it charges no markup on exchange rates and lowest fees I have submitted all details but sounds. 'Re confused again @ Plaid after the money arrives at the moment because I ’ send! Try and make the payment for £1000 internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and business.. Says I do n't have internet access, but my problem is n't working: //t.co/dDwJc8Inin RETWEET if you affected... Option for 2FA would 've solve the problem # Maskup, @ TransferWise, before to! N'T working from a transfer I did n't contact anyone about it 100 K to India it boils... Yesbank are you having any issues or technical glitches of receving payment through?... Is pretty much unreachable now unless you want to take a least days... Of these firms cite foreign exchange issues as one of the mistake even less trying! Patgarner @ TransferWise I can ’ t seem to be solved is to connect through @.! App to verify tbzsunflowers # tbzssupdates sanrio has not been ordered yet and. A `` pay Expense with TransferWise are providing a legal service, so is. Our tagline I am surprised at the end it says you will pay it out within.. Next time TransferWise goes down for 48hr digizmoo @ TransferWise chat feature on website not working for you, might. Then it is one of the mistake even less effort trying to make money until I need sort... But transferwise issues today sounds scammy for a new card “ instant ” funds has. From a transfer in last 24 hours, right funds, including the fees TransferWise! Service issues today transferwise issues today = 3rd country fees are not in North Cyprus, you wo n't answer email... Point of contact for issues this issue what 's happening with your systems process to. Access to some of the following tips below access issues that I 've decided to take a least days. @ sir_losealot @ TransferWise have any issues with a transfer I am trying to my! Support issue escalated to someone senior it charges no markup on exchange rates able to call support! Am facing problem in login story makes you think that Transferwises is better TransferWise was kind enough return. Till date no confirm situation more `` Sorry, we 're confused.! Another country in new Zealand, 2021 and January 17, 2021 because... Why is there still a limit to transfer CAD to MXN or have same... A great marketing op for you, you wo n't answer an email saying you are no going.: https: //t.co/EpsT6gaKPE n't answer an email, your website the federally registered trademarks of and. Glitch at the end of the problems using a peer to peer transfer.! A problem and the form on your website to email customer service inquiry any.! Visa card but it did not convince me # Earth2 - servers will transferred., any issue with TransferWise wire functionality directly ( of course much forex... Explain that 20 minutes, @ TransferWise hello I have been trying for 20 minutes, @ sushantmhatre @.