The location of the hybrid batteries under the rear chairs results in a high-set seating position, which affects tall occupants’ headroom. Lexus claims some impressive efficiency figures with CO2 emissions of just 97g/km. Servicing costs are expensive though, especially when compared to fixed-price deals offered on key rivals like the BMW 1 Series. My 2nd one, GREAT CAR!! For example, in entry-level S guise it emits only 82g/km of CO2. CheapestCheapest vehiclesOur 'cheapest' pick is the model with the lowest on the road retail price.Close, Most EconomicalMost economical vehiclesOur 'most economical' pick is the model with the best fuel economy on the WLTP combined cycle.Close, FastestFastest vehiclesOur 'fastest' pick is the model with the fastest time for the 0-62mph or 0-60mph sprint.Close. It’s a hybrid; takes $12.00 worth of gas every two weeks! Wish it had a luggage rack. Jonathan Crouch checks it out. I just expected a little “smoother” ride from Lexus. Used or lease is the ONLY way to go. The car is a bit compact for me. The CT200h has no real hybrid rivals in its class, competing … There are a ton of features, including blue tooth and rear camera, Extremely comfortable seats, very sporty, excellent gas mileage, Very sporty appearance. Eco mode is good for in town and highway, power enough to get on and off ramps, and 40+ mpg. - Nice drive, 9-ish gallons for a full tank. All registered in England and Wales. from Seaford, DE on Fri Jan 19 2018. A great improvement from the 2013 CT200 I traded-, by Careful driver Excellent Lexus quality, Hybrid engine gets outstanding fuel mileage, F-Sport styling is top-notch! Our 'cheapest' pick is the model with the lowest on the road retail price. luxury for less yet only 2 years old with low total miles. This car DOES NOT hold its value. Did you? I believe the back window should be larger and sit a little lower to improve visibility. Lexus was years ahead of the curve when it launched the CT 200h in 2011 - launching well before any other premium carmaker jumped on the hybrid-hatchback trend. I could not have selected a better vehicle lexus it self was a dream to be an owner and this choice I made I have not regrets I would recommend if you are in the market for buy or lease you would be making an excellent choice I'm completely satisfied. I am looking to sell the car but my buyout price is 6 grand more than what KBB says I should be able to trade it in for. Couldn't be happier with my lease of the CT 200h. I have a long commute, so any gas savings is a plus. It’s also quite small inside when you compare it with an Audi A3 or Mercedes-Benz A-Class. on Sun Jul 30 2017. Not that awful for my needs really, just a slightly small chassis than the Prius, which improves its handling, so it's not a bad trade-off, Again, not the chassis a Prius, slightly shorter, taking some of the room out of the cabin. The hybrid motor and CVT setup lends itself to a relaxed drive, plus light controls make the CT very easy to drive indeed, especially around town where it’s effortless and quiet. Gas mileage is pretty good, but NOTHING compared to the Prius C, so don’t think your going to get the same MPG with this one. Fuel economy of 78.5mpg will also help to minimise bills. Great car! Sporty handling on sharp corners and a pleasure to drive while savings on gas never hurts. It has the responsiveness of a sports car while also being very comfortable; the seats hug the driver and passenger. It also makes the car feel less responsive than its rivals when overtaking or powering up a steep hill. by Andrew Charman. Between the great hybrid gas mileage, the identifiable look, roomy interior and spacious hatchback it is perfect. With EPA-estimated fuel economy of 43/40/42 mpg city/highway/combined, the Lexus CT 200h succeeds if you’re comparing it with non-hybrids. The Toyota Prius, which shares many parts with the Lexus, came in second - so the car should be an excellent ownership proposition. Similarly, F Sport models can have their kit count boosted by a selection of packs, while the top-spec Takumi comes loaded with all the kit available to the CT with LED headlights, a large 10.3-inch media display, Mark Levinson sound system and leather interior. It’s a sign of the times that the Lexus UX crossover has been introduced to take the baton from the CT – it’s around the same size but offers a far more pleasant exterior and interior look while retaining that hybrid Lexus appeal. I drove a sedan before. This is not a super quiet ride, especially when doing any acceleration. It's NOT. The entry-level S can’t match this level of aggression as it’s hobbled by seemingly tiny 15-inch wheels covered in aerodynamic trims. You are viewing the Parkers beta preview. The hatch/trunk space is very high up making it hard to fit things, Looks great, goes forever on a 9 gallon tank, Not for speed but comfortable to drive and handling is superb. Happily matters improve inside. Save cars. Features I don’t want, missing features I do want. I'm getting about 42+ miles per gallon on average. The 375-litre boot is decent, but folding the bench liberates just 985 litres – 225 less than in the SEAT Leon. Granted that is a low ball number and I told the guy where to go but they wanted to offer me 20,000 less than what the MSRP was on this car when I leased it only 19 Months ago. As most already know, this is Lexus' version of the Toyota Prius, so very similar in many ways but at the same time different as well. Its much smoother riding and quieter than the 2013 model wider back-view area. First of all, this Lexus hybrid gets the best fuel economy out of all Lexus models (43/40 city/highway). Cons: Limited cargo space (less than its Prius cousin), but it's enough for a road trip with two people. There's almost no space for luggage. It really hugs the road, and it's great fun on curves. There is not enough leg room. With the same drivetrain as the Toyota Prius hybrid, the CT 200h promises strong economy and low CO2 emissions. on Mon Jul 17 2017. Lexus CT 200h refreshed with revised trim range, New 2020 Lexus CT hatch to rival Tesla Model 3, Lexus CT200h hybrid hatch updated for 2017, Toyota recalls 3.37 million vehicles worldwide, 73,000 in UK, Lexus CT 200h Advance Plus special edition arrives, SEAT Leon Ecomotive vs eco warrior rivals. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. sales man was Very Nice! All any hybrid needs in order to succeed is results. Crash testers praised the car’s ability to protect its occupants, although it didn’t do so well in terms of pedestrian safety, scoring only 55 per cent. - Nice look And as with other hybrid models, the Lexus suffers from a sharp brake pedal action, making it tricky to slow the car smoothly. The back leg room is lacking...I am only concerned for my passengers because I don't sit in the back. real sports car feel. Newer-generation hybrids like the Toyota Prius, Hyundai Ioniq and others have leapfrogged the CT’s efficiency, providing more than 50 mpg — but none come from luxury brands. When the Lexus CT first arrived in 2011, the premium arm of Toyota billed it as the world’s first compact premium hybrid – an affordable way of getting a Lexus on your driveway. Gas tank is small, only 7.5 gallons; but since the MPG is so high, that has not been an issue for me. Terrible with potholes. Looks good; great gas mileage, lots of bells and whistles, seats fit. Too small and low to ground. Love the style. If you're seeking a … Not the “best” in ride, handling it zips around though. Finally, everyone admires this car. Written A series of packs can be added to boost the kit count on this model, focusing on either technology, luxury, convenience or a sporty look. The news is better up front, with plenty of space and very comfortable seats. Tight space in the cabin. À savoir, une chaîne de traction hybride, associant un 4-cylindres essence à un moteur électrique, dont la puissance cumulée atteint 136 ch. It … on Mon Mar 27 2017. My little red car has the hybrid gas savings of the Prius, and all the bells and whistles of the Lexus. sometimes I don't have room for all the groceries, but there are 5 of us. Selecting Sport mode turns the dials red, transforms the charge indicator into a rev counter and sharpens the throttle response, but it’s not enough to alter the underwhelming driving experience. great gas mileage without looking too nerdy like a Prius, rattles a little since its so low to the ground. Bizarre creaking noises do not feel safe. Would definitely shop with Carmax again. Facebook. Bauer Media Group consists of: Bauer Consumer Media Ltd, Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 There are no cup holders for the back seats but my kids are dealing with it just fine! It’s one that’s been around for a while and is used in various Toyota models, linked to a CVT transmission and front-wheel drive. Our reviewers: fresh perspectives for inquisitive minds Lexus was years ahead of the curve when it launched the CT 200h in 2011 - launching well before … An upscale sporty hybrid with Lexus-levels of reliability seems like a great idea. Combining a hybrid drivetrain, luxury, sportiness and affordability, the 2017 Lexus CT 200h compact hatchback doesn't excel in any of these attributes, but it continues to appeal in a market free of direct competitors. Great on gas mileage! by Satisfied customer For a small car folding down the seats unlocks a wide cabin for storage. Brakes not reliable. The revamped Lexus CT 200h could well prove more attractive today than seven years ago when it was a brand new kid on the block. Still, the decent kit count includes Bluetooth, a DAB radio and dual-zone climate control. Gets incredible gas midelage - better than expected. CT 200h is sporty, handles real well especially in curvy hills. Our 'most economical' pick is the model with the best fuel economy on the WLTP combined cycle. VAT no 918 5617 01 The cabin is extremely comfortable, and the hatch provides plenty of cargo space. I really like the car. There’s the standard CT, the sportier-looking F Sport and the luxurious Takumi, mirroring the trim level line-ups of other Lexus models. on Thu Jan 30 2020. Drives very quietly and smoothly, great has mileage, gets up and goes. The car gets incredible gas mileage (over 45mpg) and is comfortable - seats are very nice. The slow acceleration is dreadful. La Lexus CT 200h vit une carrière discrète. It catches people's eye. 18 Dollars a Week and I am a Real Estate Agent I drive trough 3 states is amazing for my budget, You can feel the sports engine all the time and is easy to handle while speeding, Is bigger than expected specially the cargo space, The radio part I mean really this is a perfect car except for the outdated it green and black radio console from the 80.