I need a good theme for the defense of a Battered Woman, do you know of anything that might stick in the jury’s minds? that he has been a psychologist for 30 years, and his specialty is forensic Have you thought about maybe a defense of insanity or diminished capacity for you mock trial? Lawyers should have a one-sentence theme for their cases. I’d like to have the opening statement done by the 22, but I NEED it done by the 23. Is there anything else i should include? Sounds like you are talking about a real case, and this is a forum about mock trial. Can you say the same about loan sharks? Would we be able to argue they did not truly reside since they did not own the structure (a torn up cardboard box) and did not pay a rent of any sort. It would be cool if students posted some examples of opening statements in mock trials that they have done. This helped me a lot. The victim was locked in a freezer and while in the freezer wrote “Killer /” in bacon. how would i defend pablo if there is evidence of drugs in his store with his finger prints on them? Most of the time a defense lawyer does not succeed in convincing a jury of a the defendant’s actual innocence. Thanks for your time. . A better way to think of it is maybe covering 10 strong points of your case in your opening. So I might sneak in a comment like “of course he reacted, who wouldn’t?” or “What was he supposed to do, just let himself get beat up?”, and I might look to the prosecutor when I said this. I am tasked with the defense’s opening statement. It is hard for me to help on individual projects. Over-reliance So we would ask you to keep an open mind and listen to ALL the evidence, and return a verdict of “not guilty”. I usually check the blog once a day but sometimes I get into an actual trial and get busy and then come back to the site on the weekends. I have an opening statement written, would you mind taking a look and helping me out?? Thank you. Don’t just focus on the breath test or blood alcohol level. that night, and that she admitted she was only “90 percent sure” I would really appreciate any help you have! (particularly in mock trial competitions). You should tie it in to your power statement, if possible. it was my client. Hi Irene. Trying to get around that whole Respondeat Superior thing. Highlight the strengths of your case. they really helped!! So the opening is not the opportunity for you to argue your case. This is my first year particpating in mock trial and I was ask to perform the opennig for the defence. [Point to them and mention them by name to personalize them]. The burden of proof is always on the prosecuting attorney. Yet Hamlet didn’t know that it was Polonius hiding in his mother’s room. I really appreciate the time you took to create this. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual We understand how to get our client off of the manslaughter charge, but how might we get him off of drunk driving as well? Relying on a theme and hearing a story that incorporates the theme helps make the information enjoyable and easier to comprehend. So after you introduce yourself, and tell the jurors who you represent, you should begin to highlight the facts in the case that support your defense theory. Hi Tristen. At the end of this trial, we are going Mr. Garza will testify that he was roommates with my Please Help! I am in the state of nc..I am going to trial on a 10year old dui case ..where my blood was drawn without my consent..and I didn’t refuse to a breathalyzer..my back..was a point.1..just above limit..but my fourth amendment..rights was violated..shouldn’t there have been a warrant for a blood draw. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Thanks, Ryan. to testify. Is it possible that he seemed drunk simply because he had a concussion? I am on the defending side. remember that as a defense attorney, you get the last word in opening I am currently the lead defense lawyer of a mock trial case. Thank you so much. To get the full experience of this website, I am not coaching any high school team this year. It looks like you are doing a good job researching trials and I wish you the best. Did the prosecutor prove that the driver didn’t have any alcohol after the accident? Maybe in closing argument point out that even if the blood test of breath test wasn’t accurate, it is still just common sense that someone can tell when someone has had too much to drink. Here’s an excellent example from Degeuin’s opening in the Durst trial: [Power Statement:] May it please the court. Hi defense attorney. Maybe the defendant touched the bags when they were empty because he uses such bags in his restaurant, and then later someone else put the bags to use in the business of drugs. Try to cover the highlights. I am a university student preparing my opening statement. After the victim was pronounced dead, though its hard to tell exactly how long she was in the freezer, Willy found out about the buy-sell agreement, where if the victim died, the defendant would recieve 500,000. I am on the defense team for this trial, so if anyone has any evidence to prove that he is innocent it would be greatly appreciated. A closing argument is an opportunity for you to argue your case, and to explain why they should side with you and your client. What class is this, you ask? TJ runs away and is able to hitch a ride back to his house. statement until after the prosecution has rested, but this is rarely done This information is not intended to create, and receipt will my Martha Jackson, who is a school psychologist at Lakeside High, I am having some trouble coming up with the opening statement! That would be a great help!. Ahhh, thank you so much for posting this. No, it didn’t. Mock Trial Closing Arguments for Prosecution, mock trial opening statement for a prosecutor, https://mocktrialblog.com/2010/12/25/mock-trial-opening-statements-for-the-prosecutor/, https://mocktrialblog.com/2011/10/03/mock-trial-closing-arguments-for-the-defense-attorney/.