The film changes course and viewpoints, including the stories of Blanchard, sets of renegade outfits, intriguing baddies, and also of a man looking to avenge the death of his family. It should have been a stage play instead of a movie. The rent must have been due. Because you know within 20 minutes the motive and the murdered! Nothing new, nothing fresh. Same cop, 2 dead and husband attempted to be killed twice. It’s a thriller about stalking, murderous obsession and yes TV RATINGS in the live streaming era. Keep going team you are on the right track. Despite the grisly and disgusting subject matter, there was a sick sense of humor that kept the proceedings light and funny (depending on your sense of humor). Predictable and what not it's a "turn your brain off and drink a bottle of wine" movie. What a coincidence? Where in ‘The Trip’ Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s larger than life personas are frequently competitive over various dinners and lunches, Staged treads the (floor)boards by having Tennant suffer from neediness and insecurity, and Sheen succumbing to petulant bouts of childishness mixed in with good old luvvie egotism. Starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen, Staged is a comedy series filmed almost exclusively on zoom calls (with some inserts filmed in the actors’ homes to fill in the gaps). But don't go looking for a dark, daft reboot of "To Die For," the movie that made Nicole Kidman's awards-contender reputation. watch selling sunset on Netflix pls. External Reviews This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The guy is suitably creepy. The nature of zoom calls is used for good comedic effect in a manner that many of us can relate to now: lag, dropped connections, and distractions from off-camera. Branded as O Matador outside of the United States, the film stars Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado as Cabeleira, a manchild assassin searching for his adopted father through the lawless badlands of Pernambuco, Brazil. Presidential debate live stream: How to watch the final presidential debate, Netflix’s ‘Rebecca’ remake is a laughable misfire, Still not sure what to watch on Netflix? The mystery remained to be a very engaging affair with its unpredictable twists and turns, despite the dour dispositions of its two strong central female characters. Welcome to the drinking blog with a film problem. This is the worst group of cast ever! otherwise, great movie. Create a free website or blog at The lead actress definitely will need more acting classes. Theft, treason, pedophilia and...a….