3. Basically, the payment of the bride price is an essential part of a valid customary law marriage in Nigeria. I want to know, is it possible to have a statutory marriage without the traditional marriage. In Nigeria the payment of the bride price is an essential ingredient of a valid customary law marriage. Other marriage ceremonies. The other type is the traditional marriage. To legitimize your relationship, your marriage should be lawful. Though Traditional Marriage in Nigeria vary from urban to rural wedding in which different ethnics and tribes customs comes into play, virtually all marital unions in Nigeria whether Church wedding or traditional marriages always start from the initial meetings between the couples to be before every other procedures takes place. So even when you’re the brokest couple, you have no reason not to do a traditional marriage. The Introduction is an essential part of the traditional marriage. There are four main types of marriages in Nigeria and we are going to talk about each of them in detail. Traditional/Customary marriage is a wedding ceremony that has been conducted in accordance with the customs of the bride and groom’s families. Your email address will not be published. And Is Your Relationship Ready For The Next Level? The bride can talk to her parents before hand to make sure the elders don’t make unnecessary demands of her future husband. Meaning a statutory marriage supports one man one wife. And the man doesn’t have to go with more than a few persons, maybe his father/father’s brother and one other person; it could be an uncle or his brother. Is He Ready For Marriage? Broadly speaking there are two types of marriages in Nigeria, which are Marriage under the Act, which is known as Statutory Marriage and there is also the Traditional/Customary marriage. The white wedding is supposed to be a combination of the religious marriage ceremony and the wedding reception party. It’s especially to make the couple aware of the seriousness of the commitment they are making and remind them of the guidelines for a successful marriage as offered in the holy book, the bible. Some even discuss wedding dates during the Introduction because that’s the only ceremony before the marriage where both immediate and some extended family members will be available in one place to decide a time convenient for the family to have the marriage. 4. The Yorubas call it the engagement. The formal traditional ceremony is where the groom brings all that he’s been asked to bring in the bridal list he was given. Required fields are marked *. This type of marriage is obligatory because it ensures the security of each partner and their children. The groom should ask if there are certain elders in the family he’s required to personally seek consent from too. Moreover, a man who marries another woman without divorcing the first one will be charged of bigamy. Different types of marriage exist in the Nigeria today. In this case, the groom brings everything that has been mentioned on the bridal list to legitimize his relationship with the lady. Nigerian Wedding Reception Program: Sample & Details, Kambo Ceremony: How to Prepare for Marriage in Nigeria. Your email address will not be published. An elder of the family simply held the bridal list and confirm one after the other if everything required was brought and once confirmed my friend was handed over to the man as his wife. You can get married within an hour and on any day of the week. Customary marriage is a type of marriage in Nigeria also known as the engagement marriage or ceremony. But what are the other types of marriages in Nigeria? GOOD ONE..I LIKE YOUR SITE AND I DO VISIT IT OFTEN TO LEARN SOME FEW THINGS..THANKS ALOT. Marriage is a union of a woman and a man to become wife and husband. Nigeria Customary marriage. Door knocking s is simply to personally seek the father and mother’s consent to marry their daughter. For tribes in Nigeria where the parents still arrange husbands for their daughters the door knocking happens before the bride even has the opportunity to get to know the husband. This one is also known as court wedding. Usually churches that conduct weddings need to get approval from the state. All you’ll need are two witnesses, one for the bride and one for the groom. A civil marriage is compulsory because it offers security to the woman and her unborn children. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Many couples are doing without it. A statutory marriage however is considered monogamous. A single couple may conduct customary or traditional marriage, church marriage and court marriage in Nigeria. And there’s a standard set forth in the Holy Scriptures for its success. Is change of name in Nigeria after marriage a difficult process. In Nigeria this could involve the paying of bride price, giving of gifts, etc. This article on types of marriages and wedding ceremonies in Nigeria will answer some questions that arise when planning a wedding in Nigeria as regard what type of ceremonies to have, their implications and what’s necessary and what’s optional. Usually churches that conduct weddings need to get approval from the state. That is the exchange of rings will be done by a man of God. This marriage is compulsory as it ensures the security of the woman and the children. For some states and communities the payment of the bride price is in different stages and the man can do one stage and request to come back at a stipulated time or when he can to complete the payment of the bride price. 1. Religious wedding It could be Christian religious marriage for Christians and Islamic marriage for Muslims.its sometimes referred to as Christian marriage especially in the Christian context. According to the customary law in Nigeria the payment of the bride price is an essential ingredient of a valid customary law marriage. Without the party, a traditional marriage is done within few minutes. 2. It is the situation ... 2. nice write up on Nigerian marriages but just to add that the offence of bigamy is applicable to both the man and the woman.