A plankton net can be used to collect to collect zooplankton. Although expensive, artemia cyst can be purchased and hatch out in the hatchery. However, A good hatchery manager of fish farmer who sells fingerlings should always try to give technical advice to the buyer as this will enhance will enhance survival, Increase fish production and keep the customers coming back. ... Poultry Farming in Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusinesses in the Nigerian agriculture sector. Water should be a good quality with a neutral PH of about 7 and water CaCO3  Alkalinity and hardness of more than 25 ppm. Maintain the water depth at about 30-40cm before stocking the fry. Milt can’t be collected in quantity by stripping; It can only be obtained by sacrificing the fish and dissecting the tests by scissors. Such ponds are maintained with aeration and some water flow. Wheat flour can also be added to thicken the mix at 2 table spoon per 2kg of feed. To get Smoked Catfish please visit any Catfish farm in your area and buy, you will get large quantities of Smoked Catfish to buy at (N2, 800 to N3, 000/kg). The health of the fry or fingerlings is determined by the water and cleanliness of the tanks or ponds. why will people want to buy it? So do you produce your own feed? At this age, they usually have attained an average weight of 1kg. A 15kg bag can take 700 two month old fishes just 10 days! Following injection, wait about 10 hours for eggs to mature and be ready for spawning, then you can start to strip the eggs from the females. Generally, farming in Nigeria brings in good return if one can understand the techniques behind them. Yet, Nigeria imports over 900,000 metric tons of fish while its domestic catch is estimated at 450,000metric tons/year [1]. Always work methodically and systematically to avoid stressing your fish. Well, I […], Things to know before buying a German Shepherd Dog I have had German Shepherds since I was youthful, beginning with Nichole who was relinquished by […], Why you sleep and wake up suddenly paralyzed What is Paralysis? How active are fish at different times during the day? Good workers will learn to count fingerlings in groups of five or ten and only good concentration is required during counting. One must be careful to avoid collecting any insect, small fish or other aquatic predacious organisms as they will eat the fry. Domestic production of high quality fish feed have also begun through the dynamic private sector. Try not […], [VIDEO]: Dangerous But Funny Fails Compilation Daredevils Who Lost Their Lives During Insane Stunts Amazing Watch How This Two Cows Got Themselves Killed While […], Amazing Graphic content videos for your learning The videos below shows content that may be disturbing to some, but also for your learning. atOptions = { Most fry nurseries in Thailand have high mortalities (30-50%) of fry. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, ‘’Management techniques that avoid stressing your fish will always save you money’’. Water Chemistry Monitoring – Have the means to monitor and maintain good water chemistry at the hatchery. The cooler the water, the more capacity to maintain a high level of oxygen and hence less stress on the fish. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria. Catfish farming in tanks is an option for temporary business, if you want to have a real profitable long-term business, you should think about catfish farm in a pound. Who wants to buy what you want to sell? Some of the smallest species of Aspredinidae and Trichomycteridae reach sexual maturity at only 1 centimetre (0.39 in). This would create three types of fish farms. The reason for this is that smaller fishes that consume feeds of smaller sizes need better nutrition in terms of crude protein to grow well. All about CatFish Farming in Nigeria, In such a scheme, a fish hatchery is specialized in holding brood stock and induced spawning. High stocking densities can be used in nursery ponds of up to 100,000 fry. After stripping, a female should be returned to an earthen pond; she will be ready to spawn again in three months with good feeding. document.write('