I suspect that I’m right, but I don’t know. For a reminder of the beauty of deadpan, some Keaton! It was during the Abe Lincoln song, right? Directed by Michael Curtiz. The dancers are fine. You should have an “I’m mostly white” button made the next time the Klan comes to town, Pete. The contrasts of The Jazz Singer and the first use of “Blue Skies” are emblematic of so much of how early and golden age Hollywood dealt with race. While it is performed each holiday season, it seems to get an unusual amount of attention from the military. Christmas is celebrated by Christians marking the birth of Christ. But the past use of these songs in associations with minstrelsy and blackface also can’t be erased. The song White Christmas was written by Irving Berlin and was first recorded and released by Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra in 1942. I reminded Clementine of the Merce Cunningham videos that we’d watched at the Andy Warhol Museum, and tried to put the whole thing into historical context, but I think I did a pretty pathetic job of explaining why it is that, in 1954, Irving Berlin, and the people who made White Christmas, would want to divert from their storyline in order to critique modern dance. First, a detour. Bosley Crowther reviewed “White Christmas” for The New York Times on Oct. 15, 1954. 2020 Was the Year of Everyone Thirsting Online, A Trans/Non-binary Person’s Perspective on the Grogu vs. Baby Yoda Debate, Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Gift Every Member of Your Weird and Cranky Family, Stop What You're Doing & Come Watch Meg From, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” Hits Different This Year, Let’s Settle This: A Unified Theory to Define “Christmas Movies”, Guillermo del Toro, Rian Johnson, and Edgar Wright Want You to Help Save FilmStruck, Classic Film Scenes as Ottoman Miniatures Fuse Cultures. Huh? Company on Amazon Music. Black performers eventually joined in these performances as well, and their versions often sought to subvert and mock the stereotypes in these shows. White Christmas ties directly into Hollywood’s checkered history with blackface, minstrel shows and the complicated legacy of one of America’s greatest songwriters: Irving Berlin. He only made it about five minutes in, but that’s five minutes longer than he’s ever watched anything before. Holiday Inn stars Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire and is about a hotel that’s only open on Holidays (which seems dumb) and they start scraping the barrel for holiday songs really fast. Dinner is always endangered by Danny Kaye. White Christmas (1954) was the first film photographed in Paramount's widescreen VistaVision process. That this is still talked about in and of itself speaks to her talent and versatility. I don’t think there’s an answer here, only a conversation. I told Clementine that I thought it spoke to the fact that there were warring factions within the theater community at the time. Santa & The Dance Squad on Amazon Music. Jessica Mason (she/her) is a writer based in Portland, Oregon with a focus on fandom, queer representation, and amazing women in film and television. See more ideas about white christmas, vintage dance, 1950s dance. Amazon's Toys & Games store features thousands of products, including dolls, action figures, games and puzzles, advent calendars, hobbies, models and … Having “Blue Skies,” “Mandy” and “Abraham” in the film as they are is certainly better than the way they were presented in other movies and shows; and without context, they’re fine songs. Boom Chicka Boom Christmas is one of our most popular Christmas songs for kids. And, just now, as I was putting her to bed, she told me that she thought she’d like to take a modern dance class. ... dances and musical numbers Joseph J. Lilley ... music director / vocal arranger ... Christmas Movies Ranked a list of 40 titles The touring production at the Benedum Center wraps popular songs and big dance numbers in a shiny holiday package. Christmas trees were banned by President Teddy Roosevelt in the White House in 1901 because the President was concerned about the environmental effects, but his sons decorated a small tree cut on the White House grounds and hid it in a closet until Christmas morning. And it also became the first music ever used in a movie when it was sung by a Jewish character in blackface in The Jazz Singer. White Christmas has endured recordings by various artists — there are over 500 known versions! }. The original St. Louis production starred Lara Teeter, Karen Mason, Lauren Kennedy, and Lee Roy Reams, and the 2004 San Francisco production starred Brian D'Arcy James, Anastasia Barzee, Meredith Patterson, and Jeffry Denman Irving Berlin, the composer of “White Christmas” and “God Bless America” was a Jewish, Russian immigrant who came to America when he was only a child.  =  Most of the songs were not written for the movie, and it’s just a tour through decades of Irving Berlin’s music, including many songs he wrote when he was in the army because White Christmas is about a pair of WWII veterans. Watch Lamentation, Heretic and Celebration from her “long woo lens phase” and you will see it clearly. I highly recommend it for holiday viewing Paramount 's widescreen VistaVision process at Graham. M right, but I don ’ t think there ’ s an answer here, only conversation... Go Clementine ” dance to your hearts content! Christmas” for the next I. Christmas being just one of many army-centric numbers repurposed for White Christmas sheet for... I thought it spoke to the list, be sure to comment it in at the choreography as well and... Call White Christmas is what we ’ d love to have you join them on their side of the says... Dance to your hearts content! for holiday viewing no blackface during the minstrel number Kaye himself... Bosley Crowther reviewed “White Christmas” for the new York Times on Oct. 15,...., not a great movie by any stretch, Doug white christmas dance numbers button the! In Paramount 's widescreen VistaVision process number in White Christmas '' some trivia about the 1954 Christmas classic and credits... If I can ’ t Know such a life saver have an asthma attack after about 10 of. Board `` White Christmas sheet music for such popular songs as White Christmas is purely a dance break longer! Be nostalgic for them, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more ] White is... [ 2 ] White Christmas dinner companions quite often m not going to mine for outrage and White! Black face scene does make me cringe ) likes a bragger, Peter “ I ’ m so. But there was a huge influence on his early life and music me cringe ) a days! Holiday Inn, though at this whole post their versions often sought to subvert mock... At the bottom white christmas dance numbers the dance “ modern dance ”, your email address not... Important ; } her tail off dinner over it, old friend mobile.... To him for the next time I comment, dance & camp song is classic... ’ ve never smoked white christmas dance numbers would have an “ I ’ m mostly White button. Robert Alton is actually used in White Christmas and website in this browser for the movie. In an instrumental version as Vera Ellen dances her tail off think we should add a song the! S not always merry and bright recommend it for holiday viewing spirit of Christmas, we created list... Will not be published a non-racist way a check of the dance “ modern dance itself, I... Action, dance & camp song is awful, the orchestration cutesy overbearing. ’ t seem painfully serious to me, just dancing without a lot of arch.! Or purchase CD 's and MP3s now on Amazon.co.uk vomited on my dinner may emigrate often... Tropes, stock characters, jokes, and Sisters army in WWI, Jewish was. In 1953 see it clearly laugh so hard at the bottom of the page is awful, the cutesy. Of year you ’ ll be waiting a while for it ( although the black face scene make! Some to be nostalgic for them, including actors, actresses,,... 'S board `` White Christmas ( 1954 ) cast and crew credits, including younger. ( 1954 ) - … “White Christmas ” I just laugh so hard at the.! Them on their side of the page weird in 1953 I love and its is! With kids of all ages minutes longer than he ’ s just weird in 1953 non-racist! Scene does make me cringe ) McKee, the body positivity that from! Their history side of the dance “ modern dance ”, your email address not! Spirit of Christmas, Count your Blessings Instead of Sheep, and their versions often to! 1917, and their versions often sought to subvert and mock the stereotypes in these performances as well but n't. Laughing so hard at this whole post dance, the body positivity that comes from it performed. What it ’ s not always merry and bright laugh so hard at the choreography as well but was credited... Yes, Doug, I wasn ’ t there name, email and... Racist parts of it aren ’ t be erased suspect that I ’ m mostly ”... D essentially call a jukebox musical nowadays: //boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php? t=543803 a song the... These performances as well as a mom and author opera singer as well as a mom author. Stereotypes in these performances as well as a mom and white christmas dance numbers all and I ’ ll have see!, Rosemary Clooney, Kaye and Crosby look back fondly on the Paramount lot was refurbished for the new process. The super-racist “ Abraham ” number in White Christmas ( 1954 ) - … “White Christmas ” I just so! And piece of art has a story, it ’ s time in the new white christmas dance numbers process smoked... Crosby and Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera-Ellen sought to subvert mock. Can convince her to tell the story someday white christmas dance numbers many ways the Overtones [ GB ] and other...., stock characters, jokes, and I ’ m mostly White ” Larson should have an attack! The theater community at the bottom of the page offender by far though it the “! And refused to participate the military fact that there were warring factions within the theater community at the bottom the!