Indeed, many victims of the plague and St.Vitus’ dance literally danced themselves to death, and it is this dancing theme that resurfaces with The Wilbury Twist. Good listening, good night and let thy Wilbury be done . Presumed Having a Good …", "Are the Traveling Wilburys Rock & Roll Hall of Fame worthy? Les jeux de lettre français sont : A couple of days later George came by my office to play the new “B-side.” We went next door to A&R head Lenny Waronker’s office so he could hear it too. Think about The Concert For Bangladesh — only George Harrison could have made that happen. "[66], Harrison was the most active in promoting the Wilburys, carrying out interviews well into 1989. In 1990, the album won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group. [77] The album's liner notes were written by Eric Idle, another Python member, who again adopted a pseudonym. George, being George, titled the second album The Traveling Wilburys, Volume 3. "[99], Jim Keltner, the session drummer and percussionist, was not officially listed as a Wilbury on either album, but was given the nickname "Buster Sidebury". The group was born: five guys with star stature in their own rights, but it was George who created this Wilbury environment where five stars could enjoy an ego-free collaboration. . Being with those guys, in that setting — truly memorable. For the band's final single, "Wilbury Twist", they filmed a video in which Idle, John Candy and other comedic actors attempt to master the song's eponymous dance style. From my point of view, I just tried to preserve our relationship. Every day was like, 'Wow!' ○   Boggle. 3, in 1990. 1.Video footage of the creative process was later edited by Harrison into a promotional film for Warner Bros. staff, titled Whatever Wilbury Wilbury. Liner notes on the album cover were written by Monty Python's Michael Palin under a pseudonym. I suppose George figured that as long as his pals were on hand, why not use them to knock off this flipside? Perhaps. Everybody sang, everybody wrote, everybody produced — and had great fun doing so.  | Dernières modifications. 3 lay with Harrison. [80] While Harrison was against the idea of touring, Petty recalled: "I kept getting down on my knees in front of George, saying, 'Please, it's so much money!"[80]. Roy Orbison was somebody they all idolized. It really had very little to do with combining a bunch of famous people. I think this can be discounted, not only because of his silly name but also from his habit of impersonating Ethel Merman during lectures. 2007, The etymological origins of The Traveling Wilburys have aroused something of a controversy amongst academic circles. [84], Inspired by the Traveling Wilburys' success and particularly its benefit to Petty and Orbison as artists, Lenny Waronker encouraged American guitarist Ry Cooder to form the band Little Village and record for Warner Bros.[85] The group – comprising Cooder, Keltner, John Hiatt and Nick Lowe – released a self-titled album in 1992. Obtenir des informations en XML pour filtrer le meilleur contenu. BURYING WILL’S THEATRE”, clearly a reference to the closing of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre by Villiers during an outbreak of the plague. Mo Ostin ", "Top 50 Albums Chart – Australian Record Industry Association", "News: The Traveling Wilburys Limited-Edition Book From Genesis Publications", "Genesis Publications Chronicles the Adventures of The Traveling Wilburys", "Ayrton Wilbury nasceu do amor à música e à Fórmula 1", Traveling Wilburys Vol.