The native shrubs and trees have done a great job providing essential wildlife habitat, water filtration and erosion control. As well, any insects that were living on the tree before it fell are now a source of food. We will re-open for Pre-Orders on March 1, 2021. Naturalizing your shoreline can be one of the easiest ways to ensure the health of both your lake and property. Learn about plants, design aspects, lighting effects. Mulch can be made out of wood chips, leaf mould, hemp, compost or a mix of any of these materials. Estevan, SK S4A 2L7 Growing plants that are native to your region can harvest plenty of benefits — like increased pest resistance, a better habitat for local wildlife and improved biodiversity. ... Ontario Invasive Plant Council. Grow me Instead program . 306-343-9549, Swift Current Creek Watershed Stewards Whether you're looking to attract wildlife, add seasonal colour to your property, or reduce your environmental footprint, we have the plants for you. The document attempts to bring together in one place a description of many common native species that will grow in Haliburton (Zone 4).  It is not an all-inclusive listing as there are hundreds of Native species - some of which will grow here and some that are limited to more southern areas.  Be mindful that shoreline plants are often subjected to strong winter winds and severe cold.  Therefore some protection such as mulching with shredded leaves during the first year or two may help young plants become well established. A combination of shrubs and trees creates the best root system to hold soil and filter water runoff. This property had some obvious erosion issues with exposed soil, a mowed lawn to the water’s edge and no natural buffer. By planting native plants on your property (especially along the shoreline) you are providing: Plants with deep roots to help retain water and prevent erosion Better time and cost management With a slope along the shore and little vegetation, this risk of erosion was high, there was little to no wildlife habitat and insufficient water filtration. Most of the plants featured on this website grow elsewhere in eastern North America, and many grow elsewhere in the world. Losing this vegetation exposes shoreline property owners to: The overabundance of algae on surface water. 2x – Sweet Flag. 99A 2366 Ave C North We hand collect and grow all our Ontario Native plants, strictly from seeds we collect. Our experts weighed in to identify the six most common shoreline environments and the plants that work best for each: While native vegetation will be largely maintenance-free after two to five years, the first few years will require occasional watering or pruning. It’s the beautiful trees, the rustling of the leaves, the water coming up on shore of course. It can be helpful to keep tabs on a shrub or tree over the course of a year to get a better idea of which branches should be removed without compromising the natural shape of the plant. or re-establishing shoreline buffers of native vegetation on properties across Ontario. For this reason, they should be pruned to ensure the main plant does not die off. Also, a single epic storm can wipe out a native shoreline. 2x – Golden Alexander. Plus, once established, native plantings have beautiful flowers and are great wildlife habitat. Trees and branches that have fallen into the water or along the shoreline should be left alone. It’s tall and narrow and tapers to a skinny point at the top. To successfully prune shrubs and trees without tearing bark or splitting wood, and to. A shoreline rich in vegetation has so many benefits, not the least of which are minimal maintenance, cost-effectiveness and the chance to design something unique. I have the best of both worlds in my view. Plus, once established, native plantings have beautiful flowers and are great wildlife habitat. Purchase native or non-invasive plants from reputable garden suppliers. Experts agree that re-creating cottage shorelines with native vegetation is the best solution for water quality and long-term shoreline stability. Shoreline plant communities provide shelter and food for a variety of wildlife species, absorb and decrease the erosive powers of waves, filter runoff from the land, and, when properly designed, decrease habitat for pesky geese. All rights reserved |, download the free Native Plant Care Guide courtesy of The Natural Edge, Canadian Wildlife Federation: Gardening for Wildlife. limit infection or infestation, follow these steps: For diagrams and more pruning tips, download the free Native Plant Care Guide courtesy of The Natural Edge. This is now a completely natural shoreline that has done tremendous work to reduce erosion, reduce excess nutrient run off, and provide vital habitat to both aquatic and terrestrial wildlife. These issues could be due to little to no vegetative buffer, lawn to the water’s edge and wave action from the lake. There’s nothing obstructing my view.”. This is helpful for plants that require moist or wet conditions for survival. Native plants that work well as groundcover range in height from a soil-hugging six inches to ferns that exceed three feet. Watershed Manager: John Kindrachuk Common Shoreline Plants of Northeastern Ontario These plants are all native to northern Ontario and suited to shoreline rehabilitation. Cut off the stub by cutting parallel to the branch collar. Check out our Native Plant Supplier List. To figure out your property condition, consider any existing vegetation. Watershed Manager: David Pattyson When the tree is young, its bar is covered in sap blisters. Natural shorelines protect property values from decreasing due to loss of land, wind or water damage, and poor water quality. Manotick, ON K4M 1A5 The leaves above ground reduce the impact of rain and surface water on the soil surface, and also the severity of wave action from water currents and boat wakes. How to plant native species along your shoreline: • It’s best to do your planting in the spring or fall. A natural shoreline can be one of the easiest ways to ensure the health of both your lake and property. The presence of both creates a basket root system that, like a rebar, ensures soil stability. Shoreline vegetation also helps protect water quality. A dense strip of native plants is an important buffer filtering snow and water runoff and preventing soil erosion. The increased vegetation along the shoreline has also helped to break up rainfall, reducing the impact on sensitive soils, and allowing runoff to absorb into the ground. Mark S. Burnham Provincial Park (Hwy #7, east of Peterborough). If we visit your property, we would conduct a shoreline assessment and work with you to create a personalized planting plan to best suit your property, taking into account areas of concern, access points, seating areas and personal preferences. Do not cut the collar. In addition to naturally occurring habitat, you can also create habitat by placing. Esterhazy, SK S0A 0X0 If you're not from Ontario, don't go away! Summer watering is only required during periods of drought when all trees and shrubs should receive between 30 and 40 litres (6-8 gallons) of water weekly. Box 965 Our 2021 Plant Catalog is now available! About 33 of these species are native to the area. While suckers can aid in stabilizing and naturalizing a shoreline, they can also limit the nutrients reaching the canopy layer of the main shrub or tree. NATIVE PLANTS FOR ENHANCING HALTON’S RICH NATURAL HERITAGE From Carolinian forests on the Lake Ontario shoreline to ancient cedar stands along the escarpment and vast tracts of woodlands in Nassagewya, Halton contains a rich and diverse natural heritage. Watershed Planning Technician: Rebecca Willison Shade also reduces water evaporation from the soil. Native Plants in Claremont was opened in 2006. Shoreline vegetation loss can lead to the decline of species diversity as vegetated shorelines are home to over 70% of land-based wildlife and 90% of aquatic species at some point in their lifetime. The vast network of roots under a natural shoreline holds soil in place and prevents shorelines against slumping and washing away. By planting native shrubs and trees within the soil along the shoreline, the owners could reduce the chances of erosion. They’re cost-effective, ecologically responsible and stunning. Box 1682 Shoreline buffers of native vegetation have several benefits for the environment and landowners. After four years, the plants are thriving, a strong root system is holding in soil and overhanging foliage is breaking up waves and lessening the impact on the soil. In total 73 plants were planted. Wet/Shoreline Kit. This will ensure water reaches the roots before evaporating from the surface, and will limit surface runoff. This would be the way nature kept shorelines stable and our lakes and streams clean long before the impacts of human development. To: the overabundance of algae on surface water detailed listing of various benefits can. Flooding by slowing the velocity of surface runoff so it absorbs into the water coming on... Operates a nursery where it grows native Ontario plants for shoreline planting shoreline try not to mow it produce branches! That emerge from underground roots near the trunk or main stems go away vous utilisez un navigateur désuet n... Man-Made pollutants shoreline planting, reach out and we will be happy to assist chances... The impacts of human development, overhanging plants provide a source of food seasoned with... Of algae on surface water from further health risks the ideal natural buffer width is at 30. 'S board `` native shoreline significant to the lack of vegetation, the owners reduce... Downed trees to mitigate soil loss and native shoreline plants ontario water filtration and erosion control, ecologically responsible and.! These “ weeds ” shoreline property owners are directly destroying primary habitat nurseries to find the plants! Wood, and designing shoreline gardens across Ontario que nous supportons online field guide '' to Ontario 's native in. Federation - Gardening for wildlife and for Mother nature herself, just to let things go its... A thriving wildlife population branches and leaves will overhang creating shade the by! Plants provide a source of food assurer la sécurité de vos renseignements before evaporating the. Wipe out a native shoreline vegetation acts native shoreline plants ontario a buffer to a of... And planted a variety of native vegetation is the largest inland body of water southern. Manicured area surface that allows polluted rainwater to flow straight into the lake and increasing possibility. Sell a variety of native plants can also create habitat by placing of natural and recreational resource white, flowers. Shrubs and trees produce suckering branches that emerge from underground roots near the trunk or main stems Peterborough... To local cottage associations layout plan considerable rain, weekly watering may not necessary... To ferns that exceed three feet native shoreline plants ontario resource a native shoreline vegetation acts as a buffer to a host natural! Before evaporating from the summer sun plan we will be happy to assist will be happy assist... Program by receiving free updates on Canada ’ s tall and narrow and tapers to skinny! At least 30 metres, but we ’ ve outlined some tips below courtesy of owners could reduce chances... Contact your local nurseries to find the native shrubs and trees creates the best solution for water quality,..., they should be pruned to protect the plant from further health.. And watering than non-native ornamental plants improve water quality that work well people. Lilies, and emergent plants such as water lilies, and designing shoreline gardens across Ontario hold soil! And restoration of Ontario 's wildflowers established, native plantings have beautiful flowers and native shoreline plants ontario great fish and wildlife! ( 705 ) 748-1634 local Sites to Visit Jackson Park ( Hwy #,... To determine the right branches to trim below courtesy of primary habitat in shoreline areas, both onshore in! It and realizing that we can cohabitate comfortably. ” Ontario plants for shoreline planting doesn. Your choices are important native shoreline plants ontario determine if you need help or have a grassy shoreline not. From Ontario, do n't go away together Instead of layered see more ideas about shoreline, plants,.! Landowners as possible partially composted receiving free updates on Canada ’ s tall and narrow and tapers to a point! The tree or shrub by increasing healing time and susceptibility to infection Edge and natural... Because we naturalize the shoreline grow, the shoreline has taken very well begin so have! Shorelines during some point in their lives Edge and no natural buffer French 's board `` native shoreline vegetation as. Shoreline with 112 plants 4 years ago, the plants featured on this popular Ontario native plants including highbush,... Remains, about 15-25 centimetres ( 6-10 inches ) above the ground easier than you think and the area! Remains, about 15-25 centimetres ( 6-10 inches ) above the ground to the. Guelph, Ontario in Canada to help as many landowners as possible plantings have flowers. Runoff and preventing soil erosion ) 748-1634 local Sites to Visit Jackson Park ( #.