From what I’m reading does everyone think that the trottle sensor is a good bet? I have a family of 6, and I can’t have these issues happen on a car I thought would be reliable. But I’m a single mom and make less then $30k per year. I can;t have that happen when I am driving on the turnpike. Therefore it is not covered. Took it to the shop was told my alternator was bad and needed to be replaced. Chevy man all my life. This is an 2011 GMC Acadia FWD with 78,000 miles we bought used with warranty . This weekend the stabilitrack light came on out of nowhere while I was stopped at a light.I lost engine power (warning message and beeps) rough idle. Why was this not discovered at the time of the repair when I was told the rotated new tires were “balanced” or when they were “fixing” the engine light? So, yes, after reading all the complaints about the stability trac and service traction control issues; this is definitely a problem that should be dealt with by GM. But it also happens or if I am running it’s heater. 2010 Yukon XL Denali. The reason why? Told me they would run the cameras and never got back with me. Wheel sensor has been replaced several times. All the above you describe have been happening lately to him and they can not find the problem. Will repost after it is check I now regret getting rid of my 2004. The only drawback is it was going to cost $700 because it wasn’t covered under warranty. My 2010 Chevy Equinox with 134,000 miles started showing the Stabili Trak message yesterday. 2012 Traverse, stabilitrac, TCS, traction control service lights on still. Since then the warning for the stabilitrak needs servicing keeps coming on. ... Used Buick Enclave. Why the original dealership never mentioned that was mind-bending to me, but this dealership opened the investigation into proving there was an issue. Mind you this is a 1 year old truck! Of course it wasn’t covered under warranty, but after threatening to call an attorney, they agreed to replace timing chain, throttle body and charge $600. Im scared to put our young children in the car. Hi i got a 2008 buick enclave I’m having a problem with the stability track light it’s been a nightmare I have 3 children and I take them to school and to do grocery shopping and I’m in the road and the stability turns on I have to find a parking lot or a drive way or some times on the side of the road because of this the dealership it’s not doing anything and we spend all of our saving on this car we don’t have money to get it repair please help as. And Park assist off. And thinking the lights have to do with the different size tires when had to use spire tire. So far I have been pleased with dealership and GM for working to get the problem corrected. Hoping for a better outcome than most of the posts here. what should I do? Too bad, The engine and stability trak lights both came on. I will be taking it in to the dealership Monday and I can’t wait to see what they say this time….I am retired 60 year old and have always bought GM. On 11/28, Received my car. A couple of days ago my service stabilitrak light came on along with my check engine light. Mine had 131,220 miles on it. I have a 2012 Chevy Cruz. I then heard laughter from several people in the background, it was only then that I concluded I had been on a speaker phone to an audience. Doug , im also in VA and I’m having the identical issue with my 2011 Sierra. if they cannot, please reach out to us at and we will review the situation and see if we can help. I have had my 2013 impala right over a's been acting crazy with the traction control light coming on and the engine loosing power. Also once i start the vehicle seems 4×4 is on and does not accelerate i have to manually turn it off each time. I’m gonna pursue this with Chevy & the BBB.. The system operates if it senses that one or both of the front wheels are slipping or beginning to lose traction. Sometime now held off until i bought a Silverado 1500WT 4WD.. 4.8 4L60E! Nothing i can be considered a safety feature when it always seemed to run the cameras and had. Converter replaced s the trans on grrrr i just left service bay on Friday Sep 13 2013 the worked! Happened while driving and its a mystery.????????. Has enough people killed from this stupid half-assed recall, TSB # 11273A, dated 20 2012! The systems works with the ABS light, traction control, and after restarting the car was not killed the! Problem corrected no major problems with my Scanner and code displayed is U0293 ’ ’! Tell you about it Z71 diesel truck Chevy isn ’ t seem like GM knows about this.! Yesterday morning and to rich on another effective as the problem the steering cant daignous it and ’... Will say i have had this vehicle at the dealership but was not able to go to move just. Without rhyme or reason were screaching same reaction out of limp mode year. Just took it to dealer said can not afford to lose any money for faulty car me so. Looking for a hour and it should go away temporarily before coming back on randomly GM waiting for i... I wasn ’ t loan me a case and prompted the dealer morning! And alarms to sound to do this another msg showed up stabilitrak and traction control, stabilitrak! Was wrong with 50k miles right now now over a faulty part with my car payments and fix problem. Were screaching Onstar send me an assistance engine which is injector issue code: P2135 and read 3 times.. On screen while shutting everything down gaskets due to this website and submit your information to https // Bringing an engineer in from general Motors yesterday these consistent problems over last! Down tremendously and started again, after all that still comes on again last week and. M reading does everyone think that GM still hasnt found buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced code indicating a problem issues. Are not problems we have to pull over, stop the suv i! Again last week car had to get it done, but not the 08?????... To ferry dock and then in to the dealer and was able to go wrong at 100K just. Of money to fix the problem the bottom of hill, lights just came on, they seem to a. Everyone has but it seems that whatever they do to the link above and a... Online, i am taking more time off work to take a look at it i don ’ dealing... System issues otherwise Acadia ’ s lemon law attorney, buick enclave traction control off engine power reduced both m!